About Us

With our "whatever it takes" approach, our sole focus is to provide the resources and expertise you need to run your packaging operations most efficiently.

Our Approach

Yes, we sell some of the best packaging, shipping, safety, and janitorial supplies in the industry. And others will say the same. So why choose United Packaging? Because you need a partner, not a vendor.

When others are simply order takers, we take a holistic, consultative approach. Everyone wants to save money. Of course. But, when others will simply offer you the cheapest tape, we'll show you how using the right tape can actually save you more. When others are myopically fixated on unit cost or case cost, we're looking at the big picture for even better, long-term savings.

And, sometimes, those savings come in the form of other efficiencies like properly managed inventory, streamlined packaging, better equipment, and decreased safety issues. We'll help you spot the waste and eliminate it.

We're in it for the big picture and we're always up for a challenge. We have decades of experience. Some of our clients have partnered with us for over 20 years for this very reason. Our team consists of seasoned industry veterans, Six Sigma black belts, and young "up and comers" who bring a fresh set of eyes to old problems.

Consider us full service. Whether you need help getting the right supplies at the right price or something more comprehensive like proactive inventory management, off-site stocking, logistics, or packaging equipment, we're here for you.

"I have had nothing but great experiences with United Packaging. They always respond to my requests within 24 hours (most of the time it's within just a couple hours). Deliveries are always on time. They have also been very proactive with reaching out to me to make sure I don't need any supplies. In this fast-paced world that we now live in, United Packaging has always been there to accommodate me!"

- T.W., Purchasing Manager, Food Processor

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Seidel


Jeff started United Packaging out of the basement of his parents' house, and carries with him over 30 years of industry experience. Jeff cherishes spending time with his wife and 2 wonderful children, as long as he can golf once a weekend!

Robert Santora

Vice President of Operations

Robert holds 3 professional designations in Six Sigma & Lean methodologies, and uses these approaches to guide him in his pursuit of eliminating wastes. He had also previously served in the U.S. Navy. When not spending time with his daughter, he enjoys puzzles and can actually complete the Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes!

David Hess

Chief Financial Officer

David can always find a simple solution to the most complex business problems. When not in search of a problem, he enjoys cycling long distances, sampling coffees or craft beers, and traveling with his family, but not necessarily in that order.

Brandon Seidel

Marketing & IT Manager

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Brandon joined his dad at United Packaging, working in the Distribution Center before moving into sales, marketing, and IT. Brandon loves exploring his hometown of Philly as well as traveling abroad.

Mark Neely

Vice President of Sales

Mark started out as an actor and then for the past 25 years has been a Sales Manager, a Consultant and an Organizational Trainer. He loves meeting people, hearing their stories and figuring out how to help. When not working, Mark enjoys listening to and collecting old jazz and classical records.

George Kozlowski


After a tour of duty in the USN, George obtained his Accounting degree from Bentley University. George has over 35 years’ experience in the Paper and Packaging Industry. Prior to joining United Packaging, George was a Controller for Georgia Pacific. George loves the ocean and spends much of his free time enjoying it with his family.

Allyson Isopi

Operations Manager

In her 10 years at United Packaging, Allyson has done it all. Starting out as a teenage receptionist, Allyson is now our Operations Manager in charge of procurement, customer service, and equipment service administration. In her spare time, Allyson enjoys the night life with friends and family.

Janel Curran

Accounts Receivable Manager

Janel's unique skill set and experience allows her to be efficient, fair and professional! This makes her both our customers' and our bank's best friend! She loves spending time with her family and most weekends she is away in her mountain home. She also enjoys day trips to the shore during the summer.

Scott Paul

Distribution Center Manager

Scott is a USAF Veteran and certified Six Sigma Green Belt with over 17 years’ experience in logistics, distribution and warehousing. He enjoys spending his free time with his amazing little girl, teaching and learning from her.

Paul Bollinger

Equipment Service Manager

Ever since Paul was a kid, he remembers taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together- it's a passion. In his down time, he likes spending time with his two boys and working on his hot rod.


Company Mascot

Brody, our mascot, loves coming to the office on Fridays to check in with the team and try a little bit of everyone’s lunch. Brody has been in the industry his entire life and couldn’t imagine life any other way. He enjoys spending time with his family and loves the park, beach and swimming in the ocean!

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