Is VMI Right for You?

So, what is VMI?  VMI, or Vendor Managed Inventory, is a collaborative approach between the buyer and seller of goods to manage the buyer’s inventory levels.  Traditionally, the transactional relationship between the buyer and seller is that the buyer would send a purchase order to the seller stating...

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Branding – Printed Boxes vs. Printed Tape

Branding is everywhere.  Whether it’s found on trucks, city billboards, public benches, t-shirts, or even body art (yes, I actually saw a tattoo promoting a micro-brewery recently), it’s hard to look in any direction and not find company or product specific branding somewhere.  In the packaging world, the...

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Lower Gauges of Machine Stretch Wrap Might be Worth a Look

Machine stretch wrap has changed over the years. Today, machine stretch wrap tends to come in lower gauges, which are designed to replace the 60, 70, and 80g materials. There are often misconceptions about these lower gauged machine films (45g, 51g, 55g) not being able to perform as...

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Plastic Prices on the Rise

You may have recently been told that the price of your plastic products will be increased. Prices for plastic products are expected to rise by up to 10 percent in February 2013 Why, you ask? Well, according to Frank Esposito a senior reporter at Plastics News, the end...

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Sustainability as a Business Plan

The word sustainability has become one of the most potent business buzz words of the 2000s. As customers become more educated about (and concerned for) the environment, companies large and small are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. Large companies, like Nestle SA, have been implementing sustainability plans that...

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Technology is Changing the Warehousing Game

Traditionally speaking, mobile technologies - such as tablets and smartphones - haven't been major players in the world of warehouse management. In the past, IT managers have resisted the idea of wireless and mobile devices in the warehouse because of their inherent security issues, while warehouse managers have...

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Packaging School Grows in Popularity

Rochester Institute of Technology in one several schools across the county to offer a degree program in packaging. Product containment is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it's no surprise that Universities across the country are introducing comprehensive Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in packaging. Packaging sciences programs...

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Ecologically Friendly and Economically Sound

Customers today expect more than ever from the companies that they do business with. With the rise of the Internet, consumers have the power of the global economy at their finger tips. Online ordering and overnight shipping has put bakers in New Jersey in competition with bakers as far...

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