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Hear that? That's your packaging process humming along. We make sure it's running smoothly, fulfilling orders, fully stocked, and never broken down.

Too often buyers are concerned with 'case cost', or 'unit cost', without factoring in the other costs down the line. The only real way to analyze spend is to do just that, ANALYZE. That's why we want to see, feel, measure, weigh, and oftentimes, test your current products being used for packaging and shipping, so we can help you discover where the true costs are hiding. During this deep dive analysis, our experts will be able to help you build efficiencies and cut costs in your packaging, security, safety, and brand equity processes.

How Does it Work?

1Give Us a Call

We'll do a quick phone consult and then schedule an on-site analysis.

2We'll Evaluate

Our experts will come to your location to perform a thorough evaluation of your packaging process.

3We'll Give You a Report

We'll deliver a detailed report that clearly shows you where you can save money and become more efficient.

The Most Detailed Analysis in the Industry

Reports are only as good as the content they provide. Our reports are detailed and built for you to take action and make change. We use an application called Elevate that allows us to take a deep dive into your packaging and inventory processes to discover the hidden costs. We are then able to recommend the systems and products that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. No more wondering how much your shipping actually costs you. Now you will have the tools and expertise to make smart data-driven choices. Preview our application, Elevate, here.

We Perform Packaging Testing and Safety Checks

We are dedicated to the safety and security of your products. During our analysis, we will thoroughly test your packaging materials, boxes, equipment and shipping methods. And if we find any enhancement opportunities, we will recommend the right product to do the job and the right equipment to do it efficiently.

Our testing may include, but is not limited to:

  • Box drops to check for box strength and durability
  • Pallet load testing
  • Packing material density
  • Equipment maintenance and safety checks

We’ll Ensure Your Packaging Reflects Your Brand

You’ve worked hard to develop a brand. Your packaging should reinforce your brand standards and values. When it makes sense, we’ll consult on sustainable packaging options as well as custom, branded materials for visual reinforcement.

We’ll Send Monthly or Quarterly Reports

Depending on your needs and volume, we can provide monthly or quarterly reports to you. It is also provided on an as-need basis in some cases. Many clients work on specific projects that may require some degree of specialization to their needs. Talk to your representative to figure out a plan that meets your needs.

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