Equipment Sales & Services

Whether you're looking into new equipment to ease your packaging and shipping process, or need help fixing and maintaining your current equipment, we're here to help.

Having the right packaging and shipping equipment not only helps keep your order fill rates high, it also ensures that your packages reach their destination safely, which saves you long-term costs on packaging and can even support and enhance your brand reputation. We'll help you find the best equipment for your needs, and once you have the right tools, our corrective and preventative services can keep things running smoothly.

How Can We Help?

1Right-Fit Equipment

With plenty of specialized options out there, we can help you find the equipment that best fits your business. Using the right tools for the job saves you money down the road, and yields a better end result for customers.

2Timely Repairs

Don't be held back by malfunctioning equipment. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for a manufacturer's mechanic, our team of expert technicians will work diligently to get you fully operational in no time.


Our proactive approach to maintenance will keep your equipment properly serviced and working efficiently, preventing costly break-down delays.

The Best Maintenance and Repair Service for Your Business

Keeping a team of mechanics on site for specialized work on your packaging and shipping equipment isn’t feasible for most businesses. Additionally, relying solely on the manufacturer’s mechanics can leave you waiting for help if something goes wrong while also overpaying for them to come out to have it fixed. Our technicians are on hand to ensure that your issues are handled as quickly and as cost-effective as possible.

Ready to Help as Soon as You Need Us

When something breaks down or is due for maintenance, just give us a call. We’ll be able to collect the necessary information from you over the phone and will put in a service request form to our technicians. You’ll then be contacted to set up an assessment, usually within 48 hours, to evaluate the issue and see if it can be repaired right on the spot. If parts are needed, they can be ordered, and then repairs can be done as soon as they arrive.

The Advantage Program Let Us Take Care of You

Buying equipment as an Advantage Program partner? Preventative maintenance travel and labor costs are waived for the first 2 years after you receive the equipment. Your only preventative cost will be parts that are not covered by warranty.

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