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What is this “Advantage Program” you speak of?

“It’s a fantastic, total cost savings program. I had trouble managing our inventory and stocking, as we’re tight on space and running full throttle at all times. United Packaging was able to offer me a comprehensive solution that not only met my company’s needs, but also offered me a ton of extras.”

The Advantage Program added benefits

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Proactive management of your inventory so you never run out.

Ensured Against Obsolete SKUs

Since we are performing the VMI counts ourselves, we can ensure against obsolete or expired SKUs by notifying you to rotate stock and/or remove stock items off your floor.

Inventory Stocking

We'll stock your product in our warehouse, freeing up space in your facility.

Business Analytic Reports

We furnish a monthly executive summary, along with the comprehensive detail, which includes valuable data, such as stocked inventory value, forecasted product demand, on-time delivery metrics, and much more, that when analyzed together, assists our client’s in making informed business decisions.

2 Years of Equipment Protection

Waived (zero labor and travel) costs for preventive maintenance fees on all new equipment purchased or leased through United Packaging for a period of two years from the point of sale. We offer discounts on all parts under this program as well.

Guaranteed Next Business Day Delivery

If we fail to deliver, you receive a $100 credit on your account.

Forecasted Inventory Demand

We use a unique blend of time tested and progressive forecasting methodologies. Blended by our internal team, our method not only mitigates our client’s exposure to stock outs, but also lessens the occurrences of product obsolesce brought on by excessive stocked inventory.

Included Quarterly On-Site Analysis

We include this at no charge to verify the right products and processes are being used as intended. A cost assessment is performed to ensure that previously established baselines for savings are being met. This also allows for presentation of new innovative products/designs to be introduced to further reduce your spend, enhance your brand, improve employee health & safety, and optimize operations.

Increased Inventory Turns

We keep your product on our floor for next business day shipping, thus increasing your inventory turns. Your finance team leaders will thank you for that!

Improved GMROI

Inventory turns are also one of the main components of gross-margin-return-on-investment. You’ll be able to increase performance of this metric as well by having United Packaging stock your needs. Now you’ll have two reasons why your finance team leaders will want to thank you.

Streamlined Vendor Management

With United Packaging as your comprehensive partner, you'll gain efficiencies with fewer receiving appointments, fewer invoices, and less procurement activity so you'll be able to reallocate resources to drive company revenue.

What are the advantages of the Advantage Program?

“The biggest advantage is the peace of mind I have about it all -- the fact that I can actually get back to what I love -- RUNNING my business -- without worrying about the safety and security of my products, brand identity, or delivery appointments. My supplies come exactly when I need them, without question, every time. I know my business wouldn’t thrive the way it does without United Packaging.”

Eliminate Lead Times

Mitigate Unnecessary Costs

Next Business Day Delivery

Inventory Forecasting

Equipment Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Say to yourself, “There MUST be a better way” and contact United Packaging to allow us to show you that, “You’re right! There IS a better way”. One of our consultants will speak with you about the program advantages via an initial discovery phone call to make sure that the program is a potential fit for your company's needs. It is a very transparent and participative process which also requires an in-person meeting and evaluation at your facility to validate the fit.

What does signing up involve?

After the initial discovery phone call is completed, United Packaging will provide you with our non-disclosure agreement prior to visiting your facility for the full Advantage Program assessment. The non-disclosure agreement is executed simply to protect both companies from discussing any revelations that come from our conversations and overall process. It provides comfort to both parties to ensure their intellectual properties, ideas, concepts, business plans, etc. are protected. Once our assessment is complete and findings are shared, you will be presented with a servicing agreement to review and execute before the program would begin.

Am I guaranteed to 'reduce costs'?

The simple answer is you are ‘very likely’ to realize a reduction in ‘total costs’. The more appropriate answer is we guarantee that every client will experience ‘cost containment’.

So, what’s the difference you ask? Well, by definition, “cost containment” is a business practice of maintaining expense levels to prevent unnecessary spending or thoughtfully reducing expenses to improve profitability without long-term damage to the company. Simply cutting ‘costs’ or expenses that decrease quality, jeopardize the company brand, decrease productivity, and/or lead to reduced employee health and safety standards are just poor business practices that all drive costs up and are simply not practices that United Packaging would do for anyone, even if a client requested such actions. What we do is ensure that necessary dollars spent are being fully utilized in the best ways possible, which most often includes reducing straight product spend as well.

How can The Advantage Program benefit me?

There are a number of benefits gained from the program: some financial measures, like improved GMROI (gross margin return on investment), increased inventory turns, improved cash-on-hand, reduction in inventory write-off due to aged and/or obsolete inventory.

Other benefits surround operations and productivity like reduced sales back logs and improved lead times from more efficient processes, more appropriate use of the right materials, and use of equipment and automation.

Even other benefits surrounding logistics and warehousing through scheduling of fewer receiving appointments by having United Packaging exclusively provide consumable needs rather than procuring from multiple sources, and freeing up valuable warehouse space that is all too often designated for material storage rather than being used for tasks that can generate revenue, are gained by enrollment in the program.

These are just a few of the many benefits of being an Advantage Program Partner.

Is there a trial period?

With program enrollment comes agreements regarding dedicated stocking levels, which often include custom made products. For this reason, the ‘trial period’ for the program is dictated by the products included in the program. Each program would be unique in this regard, but all Advantage Program clients can easily cancel the program coverage with written notice, with the only obligation to the client being the consumption of custom made products that may be on our floor for their specific use only. The details are outlined in our Advantage Program agreement.

What if I don’t like the program?

After months of surveying clients and prospects, performing industry and competitive analyses, and modifying operational processes to meet the program needs, we feel confident that the program is going to help our partners let us do what we do best, so they can do what they do best. In the event, however, that the program isn't a fit for either of us, The Advantage Program agreement does contain an easy termination process. The confidentially of both parties are protected after the agreement termination, so our clients can rest assured that any information gained through the relationship will not be revealed to anyone.

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